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Autism or ASD is for life. It profoundly affects development and life experiences and exerts immense emotional and financial pressure on families.

As a Mom with a child with ASD, I have had to fight every day for real help for my child. And I have watched other families fight as hard as I have, and this is simply not right. We should not have to fight for early diagnosis and treatment, we should not have to beg for money to pay for treatment for our children, and we should not have to live in poverty to ensure our children’s well-being.

January 15-29, 2015
Walk To Ottawa for ASD

walk to ottawa for autism dee gordon

After watching my son hurt for 13 years and not having had the supports he needs, I decided I had had enough and would walk from my Etobicoke home to Ottawa to ask the Federal Government for real help for my family. I talked to my son and he liked the idea. 

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There is room for 35 signatures per petition and this can be sent directly to the Parliament of Canada -- the Address is at the bottom of the Petition [no postage is required through-out Canada]

  • To be printed on legal size paper;
  • For signatures: person of all ages; [verified if not legible]
  • Canadian Citizen;
  • Resident of Canada; [must not live in other countries]
  • original signature on each petition; [***no photocopies or faxes will be accepted***]


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walk to ottawa for autism
walk to ottawa for autism
walk to ottawa for autism
walk to ottawa for autism